Friday, 22 June 2012

Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip Review

Hey everyone!!
Today I would be reviewing an amazing and affordable makeup remover from Maybelline...

PRICE:Rs.190 for 70mL

This eye and lip makeup remover is an amazing product from maybelline..I used to use The Body Shop Eye makeup remover earlier but after using this I have fallen in love with this one..

It has a biphase formula which removes all sorts of makeup with ease even waterproof makeup and very little is required to remove makeup from the whole face!!Moreover I use lenses and have very sensitive eye too and this didnt cause any sort of irritation or stinging on my eyes..I do find it a bit oily when used on lips, but I anyways prefer washing my face after using a makeup remover..

I have removed the following swatches(all the lipsticks have been swatched heavily) using the Maybelline Makeup remover..(If you wanna see which lipstick shades these are..check out my post HERE.)

I have used just one cotton pad as shown below for removing the lipstick swatches.

The following image is after swiping the cotton pad just once on the swatches..

The following image is after the 2nd swipe with the same cotton pad and swiping once again to remove the faint tints left by the lipsticks...and you can see how squeaky clean my hand is now...:)

The below image is one side of the cotton pad after 2 swipes..

This is the other side of the cotton pad used..

(You  can always click on the picture to view a larger image)

Overall I really love this product and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this..It removes makeup eve waterproof one very easily without any tugging or pulling and I love this!!



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