Thursday, 28 June 2012

Some Inglot Eyeshadow swatches:399 P, 420 P, 450 P, 446 P, 494 D.S & 74 AMC

Hey everyone!!!
Sorry to be MIA for a few days as I wasnt keeping well...But now I am fine..And you know what, today my mom took me for a complete check up sort of thing and a really funny thing happened...The doc found out that I apparently had a hairline fracture some months back which I wasnt even aware of and it got healed tooo...
So anyways I will stop blabbering and show you swatches of some of the Inglot eyeshadows I have as it would even help many of you to choose shades while buying online...

The eyeshadows used in the swatches are:
  1. 399 Pearl(Very light pink with silver sheen)
  2. 420 Pearl( Very light lilac/grey with silver sheen)
  3. 450 Pearl(Very pretty bordeaux with golden sheen)
  4. 446 Pearl(Eggplant color with silver sheen)
  5. 494 D.S(Dark purple with golden sparkle)
  6. 74 AMC(Light berry pink with golden sparkles)

(You can always click on the picture to view larger image)

I buy my INGLOT products from
Overall I love inglot eyeshadows specially the pearl finish ones are my personal favourites..They are a steal at Rs.300 a pan and an even bigger steal during their sale!!They offer amazing pigmentation at awesome prices...I love 399 Pearl and 446 Pearl from the above shades...Personally I felt the pigmentation of 74 AMC is not that great as the pearl finish ones..Dont be without checking these babies out the next time you go inglot shopping!!



  1. Omg hairline fracture, that can't be good. Hope you doing fine now. Thanks for posting the swatches inglot swatches are always a treat!

  2. are u ok now?..take care of ur health..hope u get well soon :)...coming to the swatches..i love the 450 shade..its the perfect wine shade