Saturday, 8 June 2013

Avon Senses Re-Charge Body Spray Review


Avon Senses Re-Charge Body Spray Review

The Brand claim:
Warm Fusion Citrus Fruity Smell.
· Creates A Tender Nostalgia Of The Fragrance Of Sweet Incense.
· 24 Hrs Deo Protections against Body Odour.
· Keeps You Fresh All Day Long.
· Contains A Gentle Alcohol Free Deodorant.
Senses Re-Charge: Citrus-Fruity
Enjoy the positive and cheerful effect with Senses Re-charge. Invigorate your senses and uplift your mood with mandarin and spicy notes.
Net Content - 150Ml.
Price: 139 INR (Available on offers)

Avon Senses Re-Charge Body Spray Review

My views on the body spray:

I have been using this deodorant lately and am much pleased by its smell so thought of sharing my views on this lovely, super affordable body spray from our very own brand-Avon.

The moment I smelled it at my friend Jyo’s place (she happened to be an Avon representative); I knew I needed only this variant from the other 3 options available. I think this Re-charge fragrance is from the brand’s old launches as now new options are available too; still you can get the description from the website product’s list.
Avon Senses Re-Charge Body Spray Review

The fragrance is definitely citrusy and somewhat spicy too. It’s strong yet the smell is definitely fine. I know during summers such citrusy scents are more welcome than the usual floral ones and as soon as you open the cap, you are hit with the fantastic aroma that you would fall for easily.

The packaging is a bright yellow/orange coloured container with striking colored drawings that look quite good. The spray nozzle is easy to use and the medium sized light-weight pack makes it convenient to carry around in your handbag even.
Avon Senses Re-Charge Body Spray Review

Only the drawback is the staying power of the scent. It fades away quite a bit after 2 hours still it’s not gone completely. I had not sensed the full blow of scent still it helps the bad body odour to stay away even after several hours without a need of reapplication. I prefer using it twice a day just to have the fresh blow of the refreshing scent. It instantly leaves me all energised ;).

  •  A great citrusy scent for summers.
  •  Leaves you refreshed instantly.
  •  Affordable.
  •  Nice packaging.
  •  Helps to do-away with the body odour even after it has faded.
  •  Does not irritate the skin.


  •  Scent stays for 2 hours and begins to fade. 
  •  Availability is an issue as newer variants are now presented still it’s there on the Avon website.
Ratings: 4/5

Final Verdict:
 Escape/Beat the heat with a zest of energy using the Avon Recharge body spray. I would love to repurchase it again for summers if it is available else would look for another such citrusy variant in Avon.


  1. Citrus is my thing at all times.. never tried Avon before but i will keep an eye on this one ;)

    Do drop by my blog too~

    1. u wud like it then.. citrusy smells is not wht i like much but this fragrance changed my opinion ;)

  2. I have this one and agree that it fades within a couple of hours.:)

    1. but the frangrance is super nice na... :)